I love to marry people. The moment that we voice our commitment to loving another person is incredibly powerful, and I truly love being a part of the ritual that is called a wedding. It is my belief that it is of the utmost importance that the words being said during a marriage ceremony are relevant, meaningful, true and clear for both partners. That is why I create each ceremony specifically for YOU, to make sure that what you are saying to each other, as well as what I am speaking, is coming from our hearts, and is truly what you mean to say.

Commitment Ceremonies

For those with alternative lifestyles, I feel blessed to offer my services to perform Life Commitment ceremonies. To me it matters not what bodies we are born into, but what love exists between two souls that wish to declare their intent to love each other for life.

Blessing Ceremonies

A Blessing Ceremony is a wondrous event, welcoming in a new soul to our planet earth, to our family of Humans. To say loving words of intention and gratitude is an important ritual to express the commitment to cherish and care for this being, and teach him or her to care for themselves. It is a beautiful rite to acknowledge this new beginning.

Memorial Services

I apply the same principals to a funeral or memorial service, as there is no other moment in life, aside from birth, that is so real and transforming. There is no running from death, but there is an opportunity for knowledge and wisdom that comes from our time of departure. Speaking of a loved one’s life is a rare and golden opportunity, and I feel blessed to be called upon during this time of need.